12 Reasons Why Are Dog More Affectionate In The Morning

dogs affectionate in the morning

Do you ever wake up to a furry face nuzzling you, tail wagging with excitement? Dogs have a unique way of showering you with affection in the morning. Have you ever wondered why are dogs more affectionate in the morning?

We’ll explore the reasons behind your dog’s morning love and cuddles. So, if you’ve ever wondered why your dog is extra clingy and loving in the morning, keep reading to learn more.

Why Are Dogs More Affectionate In The Morning

If you notice your dog is super affectionate in the morning. There are several reasons for this behavior. 

Routine and Expectation

dogs affectionate in the morning

Waking up at the same time every morning, dogs develop a routine and expectation for affectionate interactions with their owners. Dogs thrive on performance and quickly learn that the morning is a particular time when they can receive extra love and attention.

They anticipate affectionate greetings and may even remind you to wake up if you oversleep. This routine creates a sense of security and comfort for dogs, as they know what to expect each morning.

Their excitement and eagerness for affectionate interactions in the morning stem from their anticipation and the familiarity of their daily routine. Puppies understand that the morning is when they can bond with their owners and strengthen their connection through cuddles, kisses, and tail wagging.

Attention and Interaction

During the morning, you can expect your dog to seek your attention and engage in affectionate interactions with you. As you wake up and say, “Good morning,” your dog may come over to cuddle with you, showing their affection.

 They may lick your face or nuzzle against you, wanting your attention and love. Dogs are social animals and enjoy being close to their owners, especially in the morning when they are happy to see you.

By seeking your attention and showing affection, they are strengthening the bond between you and them. So, be prepared for many cuddles with your dog, licks, and attention from your furry friend in the morning.

It’s time to walk.

It's time to walk

Most people start their day in the morning by walking their dogs. Dogs eagerly anticipate this activity and exhibit increased affection as they associate it with their favorite time of the day. Additionally, dogs are naturally more energetic and social in the morning, just like humans. Their heightened energy levels and desire to interact prompt them to seek attention and show affection to their owners.

Moreover, mornings are typically quieter and less chaotic than other times, allowing dogs to feel more relaxed and comfortable in their social interactions. So, their natural energy, routine association, and calm environment make dogs more affectionate in the morning. It’s one of the reasons why are dogs more affectionate In the morning.

Natural Circadian Rhythms

Your dog’s natural circadian rhythms, along with their internal body clock. Dogs have a built-in biological clock that regulates their sleep-wake cycle, just like humans. This clock tells them when it’s time to wake up and when it’s time to sleep. When their internal clock signals it’s time to wake up in the morning, dogs may feel more energetic and eager to interact with you. They may seek your presence in the morning as part of their natural routine.


Sometimes, it could be because of their hunger and the anticipation of breakfast. Dogs love food and know that the morning is when they get to satisfy their needs. So, they might be extra affectionate when they see you in the morning, hoping you’ll give them their meal.

They associate your presence with the delivery of food. They may cuddle with you in the morning to politely ask for breakfast. So, when you wake up to those morning cuddles, know that your dog is expressing their love and eagerness for their favorite meal of the day.

Physical Comfort

One reason for this is that dogs love to cuddle in the morning. They enjoy snuggling up close to their Puppy and providing warmth and comfort. As a dog parent, you may notice your dog is extra affectionate, seeking opportunities to cuddle and be close to you.

This affectionate behavior comforts you and strengthens the bond between you and your dog. So, when you wake up to your dog showering you with love and affection in the morning, know that it’s their way of ensuring your physical comfort and expressing respect for you.


Dogs, especially those with short fur or smaller breeds, can feel the cold more intensely. So when they wake up in the morning and feel the lower temperature, they seek the warmth of their owners. They may snuggle up close, burrow under blankets, or even try to get under the covers to share body heat.

Dogs seek warmth, show love, and strengthen their bond with their owners by being affectionate. So, enjoy those morning cuddles and keep your furry friend warm and comfortable.

Bonding Time

Dogs love

Indeed, you’ll be delighted to know that mornings are the perfect bonding time with your dog, as they are more affectionate during this time. Bonding time in the morning is a beautiful opportunity for you and your dog to strengthen your connection and deepen your relationship. Dogs are naturally more affectionate in the morning because they are excited to see you after a night of separation.

They greet you with wagging tails, soft gazes, and cuddles, showing their love and happiness. This morning, affection is a way for dogs to express their loyalty and devotion to you. Take advantage of this particular time to shower your dog with love and affection, creating a solid bond that will last a lifetime.

Lower Stress Levels

Start your day with your dog by enjoying their extra affection in the morning, thanks to their lower stress levels. They have had a good night’s sleep, waking them up feeling refreshed and relaxed. When dogs sleep, their bodies produce oxytocin, the love hormone. This hormone helps dogs feel loved, reduces stress, and enhances their well-being.

As a result, dogs are more cuddly in the morning and seek physical contact with their owners to release oxytocin and strengthen their bond. So, please take advantage of their lower stress levels and spend quality cuddle time with your furry friend to start your day positively.

Hormonal Factors

When you wake up in the morning, the hormonal changes in your dog’s body contribute to their increased affectionate behavior. Dogs release oxytocin, the “love hormone,” during physical contact with their owners. This hormone reduces stress, enhances well-being in dogs, and strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend. Oxytocin is released by both dogs and humans during moments of physical affection, creating a sense of emotional connection. By cuddling and showing affection to you in the morning, your dog seeks warmth and love and reinforces your bond. 

Morning Greeting

When you wake up, your dog greets you with excitement and affection. This morning greeting is a typical behavior in dogs and is one of the reasons why dogs are more affectionate. Dogs enjoy seeing their owners after a night of separation and express their love through enthusiastic greetings. They may wag their tail, lick your face, or cuddle up next to you on the bed. Dogs like to start the day off with their owners and look forward to their daily routine together. 

 Breed Characteristics

Breed characteristics play a significant role in a dog’s level of affection. Some dog breeds are naturally more affectionate than others. For example, breeds like pugs, border collies, and labrador retrievers are known for their loving nature.

These breeds often seek physical contact and enjoy cuddling with dog owners. Their affectionate behavior may be heightened in the morning as they greet you with wagging tails, wet kisses, and snuggles. It’s important to understand that breed characteristics can influence a dog’s behavior, including their level of affection. 

 Protection Success

Dogs are naturally inclined to be protective of their owners and territory. In the morning, they may feel a sense of accomplishment for successfully guarding their home throughout the night. This feeling of protection can make them more affectionate and eager to cuddle with you. 

dog and owner

Why does my dog jump on my bed in the morning?

Your dog jumps on your bed in the morning to seek comfort and closeness with you. Dogs are naturally affectionate animals, and jumping on your bed expresses their love and desire to be near you. Your dog may be particularly affectionate in the morning because they have missed you at night and are excited to see you again.

Jumping on your bed allows them to be close to you and feel the warmth of your presence. It’s also possible that your dog associates your bed with a sense of security and comfort, so they choose to jump on it in the morning. So, when your dog jumps on your bed in the morning, it’s their way of saying, “I love you, and I want to be with you.”

The reason why your dog so Affectionate In The Morning All Of A Sudden

In the morning, your dog becomes very affectionate and shows you love. Why is your dog acting so affectionately? Morning dogs are more affectionate for several reasons.

First, dogs and humans have a strong bond, and dogs rely on their owners for their basic needs. When your dog wakes up in the morning, they may be excited to see you and show their love and appreciation.

Additionally, dogs have routine behaviors, and morning greetings are a part of their daily routine. Your dog may also seek warmth and comfort in the morning, and cuddling with you is a way for them to feel cozy. So, it’s a sign that they are ready for a new day and eager to spend time with you.

How to Calm Your Dog in the Morning

Sometimes, it can be challenging to calm your dog in the morning, but with a few simple techniques, you can help your Puppy start the day off peacefully. If you are in the morning with extra affectionate behavior, it may be a sign of their excitement to see you. However, this behavior can become more intense and overwhelming for dogs with separation anxiety. To calm your dog:

  1. Try creating a calm and structured morning routine.
  2. Give your dog plenty of exercise before leaving the house to help release any excess energy.
  3. Provide them with a safe and comfortable space, such as a crate or a designated area, where they can relax while you get ready.

Calming techniques like gentle massage or soothing music can also help your dog feel more at ease in the morning. Remember to be patient and understanding as your dog adjusts to a calm morning routine.

Should your morning cuddle your dog when you wake up?

Absolutely! It’s the perfect time to show affection to your pup. When you wake up, your dog is likely eager to see and greet you with love. They may be clingy in the morning because they miss you or want to feel close to you at night. Cuddling also provides warmth and comfort, especially for smaller dogs or those with short coats. So, cuddle your dog first morning and start your day with love and affection.


So, as you understand, there are a few reasons why are dogs more affectionate in the morning. So next time you wake up to your dog showering you with love and affection, remember that they are excited to see you after a night of separation. Their burst of energy in the morning and desire for warmth and closeness contribute to their increased affectionate behavior. Embrace their morning cuddles and enjoy strengthening the bond with your furry friend.

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