Best Guard Dogs for Home: Top 15 Picks

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Are you looking for a furry friend to keep your home secure? Guard dogs can be an effective way to deter intruders and protect your family member. But with so many breeds, it can be overwhelming to decide which is right for you.

We introduce you to the 15 best guard dogs for home security. From the loyal German Shepherd to the powerful Rottweiler and the agile Doberman Pinscher, we will cover their key characteristics, temperament, and training needs. By the end of this post, you’ll have a better understanding of which breed suits your lifestyle best and how they can help keep your home safe. If you’re looking for the best dog breeds for protecting your property and family, according to the American Kennel Club, these 15 breeds are the ones to consider.

15 Best Guard Dogs for Home Security

Guard dogs that are herding breeds can be a great choice for home protection as they are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and protective instincts. When considering the best guard dog for a home, puppies are a great option, as they can be trained early to become loyal protectors.

According to AKC, Some of the best guard dogs for home breeds include German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Australian Cattle Dogs. These dogs have been bred to work alongside their human owners and protect them and their property from harm. They are highly trainable and make great companions for active families willing to provide the exercise and training they need to thrive.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd Best Guard Dogs for Home

German Shepherds are known for their high trainability, loyalty, and protective nature. With an instinct to guard and protect their family, make them the best guard dogs for home security.

Often used as police dogs, German Shepherds excel in agility training and can be relied upon for their intelligence and obedience. However, proper training, socialization, and regular exercise are crucial for them.

For first-time dog owners seeking a loyal and protective companion, German Shepherds are an ideal choice. Their strong protective instincts and ability to quickly learn commands make them highly effective guard dogs. However, due to their size and strength, they may not be suitable for small living spaces.



Rottweilers, with their instinct to protect, make confident and loyal guard dogs. This powerful breed requires proper training and socialization due to its strong bark, an excellent deterrent to intruders.

When given the right training and socialization, Rottweilers can also be affectionate and protective companions. Their impressive size and protective nature make them a great choice for those seeking a reliable bodyguard-dog.

With their loyalty and guarding abilities, Rottweilers are a top contender among the best guard dog breeds.



Choosing the right guard dog for a home with small children is crucial. One of the best options is the Bullmastiff breed, known to be gentle giants and fiercely protective of their families. They can sense danger and will act quickly to protect their loved ones. However, it’s important to note that Bullmastiffs can weigh up to 130 pounds and may accidentally knock over small children if not properly trained. Training them well and establishing strong leadership within the family is essential. 

Known for their physical strength and protective nature, Bullmastiffs are excellent guard dogs for home security. With an instinct to protect their family, they are loyal dogs and dependable companions.

Despite their large size, Bullmastiffs are known for their gentle and calm demeanor. However, proper training and socialization are necessary to ensure they become well-mannered guard dogs. Their mere presence is often enough to discourage intruders from entering your property.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are renowned for their alertness, intelligence, and natural protective instincts. These sleek and athletic dogs have a commanding presence that immediately demands respect. With their strong loyalty and devotion to their family, Dobermans will not hesitate to defend their loved ones from any threat.

Known for their boundless energy and endurance, Dobermans excel at various tasks, including guarding homes. Their agility and speed make them excellent at patrolling and protecting large areas. Additionally, their acute senses allow them to detect any signs of danger or intruders quickly.

Proper training and socialization are essential to ensure they are well-behaved and obedient guard dogs. Early socialization helps them develop positive behavior towards strangers and other animals, reducing the likelihood of aggression or excessive territoriality.

Despite their reputation, with the right training, they can also be gentle companions. Incorporating NLP terms like “best guard dog breeds” and “personal protection,” this breed is a popular choice for those seeking security and companionship.



Boxers may not be the first breed that comes to mind when considering guard dogs, but they shouldn’t be overlooked. With their muscular build and natural protective instincts, Boxers can make great guard dogs for home security. They are known for their loyalty and affection towards their families, making them both a reliable protector and a lovable companion. In addition, Boxers were originally bred from a mix of mastiff and bulldog, making them strong and fearless protectors.

Boxers are highly energetic and playful dogs, requiring regular exercise to keep them happy and well-behaved. Proper training and socialization from an early age are also crucial to ensure they develop into well-rounded guard dogs.

While Boxers may not have the same intimidating appearance as some other breeds, their alertness and intelligence make up for it. These dogs are always on high alert, ready to protect their loved ones immediately. With their strong loyalty, Boxers will go above and beyond to ensure the safety of their family and property, making them a great choice for families who can provide them with lots of time and attention, just like golden retrievers.

Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Danes may not be the first breed that comes to mind when thinking about guard dogs, but their massive size alone can be enough to deter intruders. These gentle giants have a calm and friendly demeanor, making them excellent family pets. However, don’t let their laid-back nature fool you – Great Danes are fiercely protective of their loved ones, similar to the great pyrenees breed.

With proper training and socialization, Great Danes can become confident and reliable guard dogs. Their imposing size and deep bark are enough to intimidate any potential intruder. While they may not have the same agility as some other breeds, their sheer presence and imposing stature can be enough to keep trespassers at bay. Their loyalty and devotion to their family make Great Danes a dependable and loving companion, as well as an effective guard dog.

Belgian Malinois:

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois are known for their exceptional intelligence, agility, and loyalty. They possess a strong work ethic and are often used in military and police roles. With proper training and socialization, they can also make excellent guard dogs for homes.

These dogs are highly alert and always looking for any potential danger. Their natural protective instincts and incredible stamina make them ideal candidates for guarding properties. Belgian Malinois are quick learners and can be easily trained to respond to commands effectively.

Their athletic build and strong muscles enable them to spring into action at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s chasing down an intruder or patrolling the perimeter, Belgian Malinois are always ready for action. Despite their intense drive and determination, they also make loving and loyal companions to their families.


Akitas are a powerful and noble breed that combines strength with a strong protective instinct. They have a natural guarding ability and are known for their loyalty and devotion to their families. With their thick double coat and formidable presence, Akitas can be an intimidating deterrent to any intruders.

These dogs are intelligent and independent thinkers, which makes them quick learners when it comes to training. However, it’s important to establish clear boundaries and consistent leadership to ensure they understand their role as guardians of the home. Socialization from an early age will also help them become comfortable around strangers while maintaining their vigilant nature in their home country of Japan.

Bull Terrier:

Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers, with their muscular build and unique egg-shaped heads, may not be the first breed that comes to mind when considering guard dogs. However, don’t let their playful appearance fool you. Bull Terriers are fiercely dedicated to their families and are instinctive to protect.

Bull Terriers are also incredibly intelligent and eager to please. They make excellent students during training sessions. With consistent positive reinforcement and clear expectations, they can quickly pick up on commands and tasks.

When guarding your home, Bull Terriers excel at being alert and watchful. Their keen senses allow them to detect potential threats, and their protective nature kicks in to keep their loved ones safe. Their presence alone can be enough to deter intruders, as they are known for their fearless demeanor. Staffordshire Bull Terriers, originating from England, are also a great option for those who want a smaller yet powerful guard dog.

Siberian Husky:

Siberian Huskies are known for their stunning looks and charismatic personalities. While they may not immediately come to mind when considering guard dogs, these beautiful creatures possess many qualities that make them excellent protectors.

One of the most notable traits of Siberian Huskies is their strong pack mentality. They are loyal and deeply devoted to their families, making them incredibly protective. Their instinct to guard their loved ones is innate, and they will go to great lengths to ensure their safety.

In addition to their protective nature, Siberian Huskies are also highly intelligent and have a keen sense of observation. This makes them excellent at assessing potential threats and acting accordingly. Their alertness and quick thinking allow them to react swiftly in any situation.

Cane Corso:

Cane Corsos are a popular choice for those seeking a formidable guard dog. With their strong, muscular build and imposing appearance, they can effectively deter intruders and provide a sense of security for your home.

One of the standout qualities of Cane Corsos is their instinct to protect. They are loyal to their family and will go above and beyond to keep them safe. This protective nature, combined with their size and strength, makes them an excellent deterrent against potential threats.

Cane Corsos are also highly trainable, essential for a reliable guard dog. Their intelligence and willingness to please their owners make them quick learners, allowing them to pick up on commands and training techniques easily. This makes them highly responsive to their owner’s cues and enables them to perform their protective duties effectively as a “bodyguard dog.”

Rhodesian Ridgeback:

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are another top choice for home security. These dogs possess a unique feature – a ridge of hair along their back that grows in the opposite direction to the rest of their coat, giving them a distinctive appearance. But don’t let their elegant looks deceive you; Rhodesian Ridgebacks are fearless protectors and make excellent mountain dogs.

These dogs were originally bred to hunt lions and other large game in Africa, so it’s no surprise they have an instinct to protect their territory. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are known for their independence and self-assuredness, making them confident guardians of your home.

Tibetan Mastiff:

Tibetan Mastiffs are known for their imposing presence and fierce loyalty, making them exceptional guard dogs for home protection. Originating from the mountains of Tibet, these majestic beasts have been guarding livestock and property for centuries.

One of the most remarkable features of a Tibetan Mastiff is their thick, double-layered coat, which not only provides them with protection against harsh weather conditions but also serves as a visual deterrent to potential intruders. With their size and strength, they can intimidate even the most seasoned criminals.

Although they may appear aloof at first glance, Tibetan Mastiffs have an unwavering devotion to their family and will go to great lengths to protect them. Their instinct to guard is deeply ingrained, making them an ideal choice for home security.

American Staffordshire Terrier:

American Staffordshire Terriers, commonly called AmStaffs, are known for their strength, loyalty, and protective nature, making them excellent guard dogs for home security.

Originally bred for bull-baiting and fighting in the early 19th century, AmStaffs have evolved into gentle family pets with a fierce protective instincts. Their muscular build and powerful jaws make them physically capable of deterring intruders and defending their territory.

AmStaffs are extremely loyal to their families and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. They are highly trainable and can be taught to differentiate between friends and foes, making them reliable and effective guard dogs.

Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzers, with their imposing size and alert demeanor, are another excellent choice for home security. Originally bred as working dogs in Germany, they have an instinct to protect their territory and loved ones.

Their distinctive double coat not only gives them a regal appearance but also protects against the elements. This breed is highly intelligent and can quickly assess situations, making them adept at identifying potential threats.

Giant Schnauzers are known for their loyalty and devotion to their families. They form strong bonds with their owners and will go above and beyond to keep them safe. With proper training, these dogs can learn to discern between familiar faces and potential intruders, making them reliable guard dogs.

How do you choose a good guard dog for your home?

When choosing a guard dog for your home, consider the breed’s temperament, size, and trainability. Look for breeds known for their protective instincts and loyalty, and ensure you have the time, resources, and commitment to properly train and care for the dog.


When choosing the best guard dogs for home security, there are several breeds to consider. The German Shepherd is known for its intelligence and loyalty, making it an excellent choice for protecting your home.

The Rottweiler is another naturally protective breed with a strong instinct to guard its family.

The Doberman Pinscher is also highly trainable, making it a great option for home security.

Ultimately, the best guard dog for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It is important to remember that owning a guard dog requires responsibility and proper training. Consult a professional to find the best fit for your home security needs.

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