The Rover Recommended "What's Near?" feature is a simple way to find dog friendly hotels, bed and breakfast, cottages, pubs and attractions within 20 miles of any UK postal address or postcode.

To start a search simply type in a UK address or postcode in the text box below the "What's Near?" button and click on "Fetch!".

Search results are displayed seperately for hotels, bed and breakfast, cottages, pubs and attractions. To switch between each, simply click on the relavent tab top on the results page.

The distance to each establishment is shown in miles as part of the listing information. Please note that the distances shown are "as the crow flies" and are only a guide. For more accurate road distances simply click on "More Info..." for any listing and use the "Get Directions" feature located just above the displayed map. The "Get Directions" feature provides road directions from any UK postal address or postcode and will also give an accurate distance and time estimation.