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 Code of Conduct

We at Rover Recommended are always delighted when a business lets us know they're dog friendly. It's a great privilege for dog owners to be allowed to take their dogs into these establishments, and it should be remembered that it's always at the discretion of the proprietor. We really don't like to hear about businesses that have changed their policy and no longer allow dogs because of a few incidences where dog owners have not been considerate to other guests. For this reason we've come up with a few simple guidelines to follow when you're visiting any dog friendly business:

Always be considerate to other guests

Remember that not all guests at a dog friendly business will like dogs. Keep your dog under close control and preferably on a lead when in public places and don't let them be a nuisance to other people. If having dogs around results in complaints the likelihood is that the business will no longer allow them to visit.

Be considerate to the business

Welcoming dogs into any business is always at the discretion of the proprietor so always return their trust by treating their business with respect. If you're staying at a hotel, B&B or cottage don't let your dog cause any damage by allowing them onto furniture, leaving them unattended if they may chew or scratch or by allowing them into your room when they're covered in mud. Try to leave your accommodation as you found it and always stick to the rules laid down by the establishment. The same applies to pubs. Don't bring your dog into a pub if it's covered in mud from a nice walk in the park, give them a wash or a rub with an old towel first or stick to the beer garden. If you're bringing a large dog or more than one dog, make sure that there is enough room for your dogs and other customers before entering.

Be a responsible dog owner

We know it's been said many times before, but always clear up after your dog when visiting attractions or using a business' garden for toileting. Always keep your dog under control and don't allow them to annoy other guests by continually barking or wandering off.

We would like as many businesses as possible to be dog friendly. Being considerate to these businesses and their guests is the best way to show that allowing dogs is a great idea!
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