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Funniest Dog Sleeping Positions

Dogs sleep in the funniest positions! Doggie dreamland can be found in a variety of crazy poses so it's time to let sleeping dogs lie and look at our favourites...
The Yoga Master "Keeping my ears to the ground"

Sleeping with the enemy "Can't come now, I'm on the phone!"

"Well it looks like I'll be sleeping here..." "My bowl makes such a comfy bed..."

Best friends Pug in an Ugg

"Does my bum look big on this?" "Is it dinner time yet?"

The Splat The Stretch

"Damn those slippy cushions" The double decker

"Me dreamin of cookies..." "They tell me I drool..."

"I'm on the case" "At least my bum's touching my dog blanket."

The Anaconda Cuddle "I'll just plant myself here..."

Louise Dolan
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