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Find Me a Dog or Puppy! Where Can I Get a Rescue Dog?

Dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes are available from rescue centres.

Take care to avoid any website selling dogs and puppies from a number of different breeders as some of the dogs may have been supplied by puppy farms.

When you adopt a rescue dog you help two dogs. The one you take home and the one still waiting for a rescue place. The donation you give to the charity for your new doggie helps them to continue their valuable work. Best of all they have some fantastic dogs to choose from and are a great source of advice to help your new dog settle in.

Here is our round up of some of the best dog rescue websites with details of adorable dogs waiting for a new home right now! Could one of these gorgeous dogs be the perfect addition to your family?

Click the link to find dogs needing a home right now! Rescue Charity Where do they rehome to? What you need to know
Border Collie and Collie Crosses Border Collie Trust GB Based in Staffordshire and rehome throughout the UK Rehome throughout the UK. No home visit required. No photos of dogs for rehoming on the website but available when you visit. Website gives basic details of dogs including info. on whether suitable to live with cats. When you visit the centre you will discuss your circumstances with the helpful staff and meet suitable dogs on a 1:1 basis rather than wandering around the kennels. Adoption fee of between £80-150. Great advice and support available after rehoming.
Labrador Labrador Rescue South East & Central South East & Central Dogs needing rehoming are fostered until a suitable new home is found.
Labrador Labrador Welfare South Yorkshire and rehome throughout the UK At least one person must be home for most of the day. Prefer a secure garden with a five foot fence. Will pay vets fees for older dogs or dogs with medical conditions. All homes will be visited and vetted.
West Highland Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, occasionally Bichon Frise and a great range of other pedigree dogs and crossbreeds Many Tears Rescue Based in Carmarthenshire and rehome throughout the UK. Ex-breeding dogs will need to be rehomed with another dog for company. Successful applications require a home check and all members of the family who will be living with the dog must come to meet the dog you wish to adopt. All dogs are micro-chipped, have had at least their first inoculation and have been neutered. Adoption fees up to £180.
Crossbreeds, Border Collies, German Shepherds and lots more Dogs Trust 18 rehoming centres around the UK Symbols are displayed next to each available dog on the site so you can see their basic character. The fee for adopting a dog varies between £80-100. Every dog is vet checked, microchipped and neutered and has four weeks pet insurance from Pet Plan as well as a Dogs Trust lead. The Dogs Trust are very reluctant to rehome dogs to people that work even if you make other arrangements so that your dog is not left alone for long periods.
Greyhounds galore! Perry Barr Retired Greyhound Trust West Midlands It's £125 to adopt a greyhound. All greyhounds homed by Perry Barr Trust come with four weeks free pet insurance from Pet Plan, a collar, lead, muzzle and bowl are microchipped and are fully vaccinated, wormed, flea treated and neutered.
Greyhounds galore! Greyhound Gap Based in Stoke-on-Trent and rehome throughout the UK Some of the greyhounds looking for new homes are in kennels but the majority are staying with foster families so you can meet your dog in a home environment. A pre-adoption questionnaire and home visit is carried out to help find the right dog for you and your home. Excellent on-going support and advice whilst your new dog settles in.
Retrievers and Retriever crossbreeds Irish Retriever Ireland Minimum donation of £200 per dog. The charity does not believe in vaccinating dogs so vaccinations may not be up to date.
Cocker and English Springer Spaniels CAESSR Based in Staffordshire and rehome throughout the UK CAESSR will not normally place Spaniels with families that have young children (under the age of 6). They are flexible and will rehome dogs to people that work if you have suitable arrangements e.g. dog not left alone for long periods, doggie day care or dog walker. An unspecified donation is requested for your new dog.
Akitas Friends of Akitas Trust UK Throughout the UK Dogs waiting for a new home are in foster homes or kennels. Adoption donation from £100-£160 plus £15 upfront admin charge for home visit. All rehomed dogs must be neutered if this has not already been carried out.
Beagle (opens as a pdf) Beagle Welfare Throughout the UK Home visit required.
Yorkshire terriers, Jack Russell Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers and Chihuahuas The Little Dog Rescue Based in Nottingham and rehome throughout the UK Only a few dogs available at any one time. The dogs are looked after in a network of foster homes so a full assessment is carried out prior to rehoming. Flexible rehoming policy suited to the dogs needs so working homes, older people and families with young children can apply for a dog. All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (if old enough) before rehoming. Minimum adoption fee of £150.
Dalmatian British Dalmatian Welfare Rehome throughout the UK Potential adopters can call 07976 360468 to discuss their circumstances and the adoption requirements.
German Shepherd Dogs GSDR Based in West Midlands and rehome throughout the UK Great choice of German Shepherds always available. The charity do not normally rehome dogs to households where there are children under 7 years of age unless the family are used to large dogs.
Greyhound and Lurchers Evesham Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue Based in Worcestershire but rehome throughout the UK Dogs are fostered before being rehomed and the very caring foster families work with the dogs to start to get them ready for their new home.

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