What does your Favourite Dog Reveal about You?

Dog owners are supposed to end up looking like their pets. But what does your favourite dog reveal about your personality?

Here are some of the most famous of our four-legged friends and what liking them really says about you.

If Lassie has a special place in your heart you remember the past with wistful nostalgia and value persistent loyal companionship above all else. Perhaps you also spend rather a long time on personal grooming...

Fans of Gromit have a very British sense of humour and prize intelligence and ingenuity. You also keep your head in a crisis.

If Shep the collie from "Blue Peter" and "Go with Noakes" is your top dog then you treasure the close relationship between a man and his dog, enjoy walking in the countryside and feel that there is a new adventure waiting for you around every corner.

If Scooby Doo is your favourite dog you can forgive flaws in your friends as long as they are loyal and make you laugh. Maybe you also enjoy a Scooby snack? If Scrappy Doo is your favourite then I'm sorry but you are just plain annoying.

If Snoopy is your perfect pooch then you have a wry sense of humour and cherish your childhood friendships. Perhaps you also enjoy a snooze in the afternoon although not necessarily on the roof of your kennel!

Forget the famous dogs though. Any dog owner will tell you that their own dog is their favourite. So whether it's a moody Terrier, a boisterous Dalmatian, a Labrador with middle age spread, a rescue dog with a hard luck story or a Collie that's top of its class you need to realise that what's on the end of your lead says a lot more about you than you think.

So when you pass a butch skinhead with a neck as wide as his face walking a Toy Poodle in the park you can surmise that he's a big misunderstood softie who wants to get in touch with his feminine side. That or he's walking his wife's dog...

Louise Dolan
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